May Shabbat

Doug Harris is known to many viewers as the presenter for ‘REACH OUT TRUST’: during the last year he has overseen the transformation of Revelation TV office into a highly efficient and competent working office. Doug is destined to become a legend in his time of this there can be no doubt ; his administration and organisational skills are second to none, well done Doug you have inspired us all. Now Doug is seen here enjoying a small measure of reward as he shares the monthly Shabbat meal with Barry Segal and Noemi Harris. Slow cooked Lamb: minted new potatoes:French beans: all served with orange and mint gravy: And not forgetting the wonderful Challah bread and fruity red wine. The meal was shared behind the scenes between 6 crew members who thought it was definitely better than ‘Pizza’ or ‘KFC’!!  It was a good evening and the very first in the new studio’s at New Malden: Previous Shabbat have been filmed at the old Surbiton studio. Yes I was very pleased with the evening.


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