Wesley (Revelation TV)


Revelation TV has a lovely clean kitchen : Revelation TV has some lovely lads (Technicians) who also love to EAT!! Last week I popped into the kitchen to make a coffee and I was amazed to find Wesley giving  the kitchen cupboards a good clean: I mean a really good clean inside and outside round the edges he did the whole kitchen: That boy deserves promotion: Well done Wesley: Please note photo above is not Revelation TV but a photo from microsoft pictures!!


One response to “Wesley (Revelation TV)

  1. Hi Sheila………..The photo of a kitchen is NOT Revelation TV they don’t have a new kitchen I put the picture in from micro soft pictures to make the page look more interesting…you are correct when you say there is no money the work is constant living in faith for everyone concerned…God-Bless and I hope you will check out my blog again I will be posting the next shabbat meal next week.

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