Cheese and Wine Reception Marilyn Baker Concert June 2010


On 23rd June 2010 It was the middle of Blindness and deafness awareness week. Marilyn Baker and Tracey Williamson had been invited to the New Malden studios as part of that initiative: Lorna Pettie and Lesley Condor (L/L catering inc!)  arranged a lovely cheese and wine reception for them and an invited audience: Cheese and Wine is definitely another of life’s little pleasures in France it is important enough to be given its own course!! I really don’t mind repeating myself what could be nicer!! The photos above show some lovely combinations figs apples celery and grapes made great accompaniments also homemade chutney such as red onion or plum you can buy these nowadays at most good supermarkets or why not try making some yourself: Please check out my recipe page:


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