Shabbat Meal June 2010

Cold white fish in mayonnaise orange sauce:

This weeks Shabbat meal was a real summer favourite: loin of cod slowly poached in the oven then left to cool: Portions are then placed in a serving dish and covered with homemade orange mayonnaise: to decorate place cross sections of anchovy fillets on each portion and sprinkle with orange zest. This was served with steamed new potatoes seasoned with plenty of black pepper salt and fresh parsley, steamed french beans and sautéed courgettes: Please check out my recipe page for ingredients and method:


2 responses to “Shabbat Meal June 2010

  1. Angie you really must stop tempting me with all that delicious looking food!!! I have to stick to a low carb diet, but your pictures are very tempting!!

  2. I hardly ever eat fish as I don’t like it much, I don’t even like the smell – but that recipe looks lovely – (apart from the anchovies- can’t eat them.)

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