August Shabbat

This month Barry and Batya Segal were joined by their very good friends Alastair and Connie ( some viewers may have seen them presenting …’Five Alive’ )  Todays photo  features challa bread and candles. Friday Shabbat is traditionally a time to lay the table with the best tablecloth candles sticks and fresh flowers.  This month we served a wonderful salmon roulade   Date and almond stuffed chicken………  a wonderful vibrant bowl of summer fruits followed these meals.

It has recently been reported that ‘A handful of nuts a day is good for our hearts and can even help ‘BAD’ cholesterol levels to fall, according to new research. ALMONDS:  This nut is a vital member of the group of foods found to help lower cholesterol significantly…it is thought to be a combination of fibre, vitamin E selenium and good oils in almonds that exert this heart-friendly effect. Almonds also have the most calcium of all the common nuts, with a 50g serving providing a woman with 120mg of her 700mg-a-day target.GREAT FOR WEIGHT: Swapping sweet or fatty snacks for a handful of almonds can improve heart health and help to control weight. DATES: The health benefits for dates are uncountable as this fruit is affluent in natural fibres. Dates also contain oil: calcium:sulphur:iron:potassium:phosphorous:manganese:copper: and magnesium: Dates are even rich in several vitamins and minerals….it is said that one date is minimum requirement of a balanced and healthy diet: It helps in fighting:constipation:intestinal disorders:weight gain:heart problems:sexual weakness:diarrhoea and abdominal cancer: Wow!! I hope I have not given you brain overload with all these health facts but seriously chicken stuffed with almonds and dates was absolutely delicious:


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