Spanish Holiday Divine Appointment

In 2009 I was offered the opportunity to go to Spain for a month in the August of 2010. I give God all the glory; it was only the
generosity of Christians that made such a holiday possible.

I am passionate about food and cookery, and for the last 4 years have avidly followed a BBC programme where successful chef’s enter a completion to win the chance to cook for a celebrity
dinner; Each year the host and hostess are members of the royal family; making this a fun and must see show. The programme is called ‘The Great British Menu.’ The theme….using local producers from each contestants county and show-casing their produce… is I believe inspirational.

After weeks of excited anticipation the departure day for my holiday finally arrived. I found myself sitting next to a lovely young Spanish man returning to his home-land;
Soon he had struck up a lively conversation with me; amazingly he was a chef working in England, we began exchanging recipe idea’s from our various countries.

Suddenly Alphonso reached into his rucksack pulling out a brand new hardback book…..’The great British Menu’ what a wonderful blessing that was for me as although I had watched the series I had never purchased the book. We spent the  remainder of the  flight looking through the book and discussing the recipes!!! I never had a moment to worry……about being so high up!! I give God all the Glory this was indeed a divine appointment he delivered me from all my fears.
I also had the great joy and privilege to share my faith in Jesus Christ with Alphonso that day and I believe I planted a seed of faith in his heart.


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