Angie’s Damson Jam Instructions:

As you can see from the photos we are blessed to have our own Damson tree if you would like to have a go at making damson or plum jam this is how I did it: Pick a small bucket of damsons or plums and place in large saucepan with 6 apples cut into quaters: No need to wash or peel just add a small amount of water and turn your gas or electric on to a very slow simmer for 3 hours: Let this mixture cool overnight: Next pass it all through the mouli mix…..if you dont have one a fine mesh sieve will be ok ( but maybe allot of hard work!!) When you have your puree measure out 1 pint of juice to one 1LB of sugar ie: 4 pint juice 4LBs sugar: Mix these together in a large saucepan then simmer on the lowest heat your cooker will allow for an hour: Next turn the heat up to highest and rapid boil for 5 miniutes: Turn off heat and allow to cool for a while: Pour jam into clean warm jars: Cover each jar with a piece of baking parchment: When the jam has cooled cover with lid and label: I always keep my jam in my chester freezer: It can keep for a couple of years: If you can stop eating it that is!!!


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