A final farewell summer 2010

Here are my final comments on summer 2010 the collage above show photo’s of the hilltop old village of Mojacar I hope you will all agree that it looks pretty stunning lit up at night. The sunsets were amazing (forgive me if I use the amazing word too often it’s one of my favourite words) I found lemons growing wild on trees which I quickly made into iced lemon tea in true Angie’s Kitchen style!! I went into the mountains with friends to visit a dog sanctuary on the way we picked wild almonds and enjoyed the very different flora and fauna of Spanish mountains, amazing day ended in typical Spanish style in tapas bars eating drinking and reveling in the atmosphere of a typical Spanish summer. Seen also are David and Pam pastors of living waters church Mojacar. David and Pam are missionaries in spain and doing a fantastic work for the Lord. It was a real God-incident meeting them as it transpired that David had been born and raised in the small English town I have lived in for the past 30 years, we enjoyed a real-time of fellowship over a lovely spaghetti meal provided by Pam  on  their  rooftop terrace.  It is  reassuring to know that God is with me and indeed goes before me to prepare the way, I would like to suggest a reading of psalm 91 here as that sums up my heart about that incident.  A little girl parades in a lovely flamenco dress with matching fan… fans are an absolutely  essential piece of kit in the hot summer months.


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