Goodbye Summer 2010

It’s about time I said a sad farewell to summer 2010 the clocks have fallen back an hour the night’s are dark and there’s a definite frosty nip in the air. My wonderful summer memories are all portrayed in the collage above. Thank-you to my wonderful sister for sharing a week with me. We had pizza’s wine olives and paella in rooftop cafe’s in the marvelous old town of Mojacar. The views were absolutely breathtaking. Thanks to generous Christian friends I spent an entire month in a tropical paradise …..swimming pool palm trees with the ebb and flow of the sea tantalizingly in the background. Some of the lovely people I met on my travels here included the retired swiss watch makers now living in peace and seclusion in an amazing (on top of the world) villa, the views were pretty unique God has really blessed this faithful couple for a life lived for God’s glory, in this collage you can see the oil painting of Christ on the cross, here is a man of passion with a brush in his hand.


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