A Perfect Christmas 2010

Christmas….. it’s all about families coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ; Of course this always involves lots of food drink and presents, actually I think Jesus would approve, he loved to eat and drink with friends. This year we had a wonderful bronze fresh turkey which came direct from a local farmer; It was a frightening time driving down narrow one way farm tracks covered in icy melted snow, the polite Sat-Nav was talking and I wanted to say please be quiet I’m concentrating hard on not skidding! The result was worth the effort though, on Christmas day we enjoyed a wonderfully roasted bird filled with fresh minced pork and herb stuffing apples and lemons. this all came with a home-made bread sauce,fresh cranberry sauce, of course roasties,brussels,parsnips….what is the traditional saying…..erm…with all the trimmings!! I actually made a christmas pudding only three days before Christmas, I boiled this for 15 hours and the result was stunning proving that you do not have to make these months in advance. Our beautiful pudd was finished off with home-made brandy butter and brandy cream. This new year(2011) I am going to make a huge effort to get the recipe pages updated so that you can all experiment….and I look forward to hearing some comments this year.


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