January February Shabbat:

Barry and friends were very excited to be sharing the first Shabbat meal of the New Year!! featured in the collage above the four bears  (no not the three bears!! LOL) very much enjoyed the Matzo ball chicken soup, photo above. Sadly Batya could not make the trip this time due to other family commitments, Batya seen in photo above was with Barry in spirit if not in the flesh.

Also Joining Barry this month are Yemi,David Aldous ,and David Winter. They were trying to convince me there is a scripture in Hezekiah that says Chicken cannot be eaten with Dates and almonds…LOL It did take a few minutes but I finally realized they were pulling my leg so to speak!!  they enjoyed a lovely Chicken Date Almond and Apricot Jewish hot-pot!! And of course not to forget the amazing Challa Bread wine and fresh fruit…altogether it was a good start to the year…and may we have many more with lots of interesting topics to chat about.


One response to “January February Shabbat:

  1. Hi Angie ….think it would be good to have better photos!!! posted my me!!

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