Revelation TV Three Day Fast:

Revelation TV set apart three days this month to fast and pray and to seek the Lord for their on-going vision. It’s another great opportunity for us all to be able to share in their vision in that way. Seeking the Lord in prayer and fasting is a great way to feel part of the vision of Church without walls.
I am passionate about food and healthy eating, it’s my desire to share my experiences and recipes with others.
Amazingly until I became a Christian 25 years ago I knew little about healthy eating and nutrition, however that soon changed once I gave over my life to Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit so with that thought in mind we should definitely be eating well and for the health of body soul and spirit. I say this with tongue in cheek so to speak as for many years I was bound by addictions and an unhealthy lifestyle. You can read  many of these accounts in my spiritual diaries page.
Jamie Oliver’s programme 30 minute meals proves that nourishing healthy eating is for everyone and not just a few good cooks.
I ended my three-day fast with a jacket potato and asparagus, what could be easier!!:
Take about 4 asparagus: Place in flat dish and cover with boiling water:Leave for 10 minutes:
Place a large potato in an oven at 200c or Gas 9 for 1 hour:
When potato is cooked eat straight from oven with whatever you have to hand: knob of butter,grated cheese,cottage cheese,Tuna from the tin or even maybe baked beans!!
Drain the asparagus and drizzle with half a lemon and olive oil season to taste with salt and pepper:

Plate up your potato and asparagus easy quick and nourishing 


2 responses to “Revelation TV Three Day Fast:

  1. wow.

    the next time I fast, I am going to come to your house afterward.


  2. Dear Angie, many thanks for thinking of others and giving us your time. May God bless you abundantly. Love in Jesus name, from Dawn in Suffolk.

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