Recipe for marmalade:

During the last decade I have served many breakfasts and during that time I have created my own unique recipe for marmalade; many times people have commented on the ‘Marmalade’ and how nice it is, at the same time asking me to give them the recipe, well ladies (and gents!) here it is:

If you have orange fruit which is maybe past its sell by date you can use them to make Angie’s marmalade, any variety will be ok satsuma clementines navels etc. You will also need lemons and pink grapefruit. You can mix up the quantities of each fruit to suit your taste…..the addition of pink grapefruit gives the marmalade a lovely colour and the lemons help with setting. There are no measurements in this recipe simply make as much or as little as you like; maybe trying a few different combinations until you have your own unique flavour and colour. Next halve all fruit and juice, then throw all your fruit shells into a food processor and blitz, you may need to do this a few times depending on the size of your machine. Now put juice and pulp into a large jam making saucepan cover with cold water and simmer on a very low heat for a couple of hours. Measure out the cooked pulp using a glass jug, for every pint of pulp you will need 1lb of granulated sugar. Next if you have four pints of pulp add 4lb’s sugar, mixing well on a low heat untill all the sugar is dissolved. Continue to simmer on a low heat until mixture is reduced by one-third, keep checking nothing is burning on the base of the saucepan.Check for setting quality by putting a teaspoon of marmalade in the fridge, then you will see if it setting consistency. If it’s not thick do a rapid boil checking all the time for setting and making sure nothing burns by stirring. When you are happy with the thickness of your mixture take a small jug and pour into clean warm jars. Label and place some parchment paper on the tops, leave to cool completely before placing on lids!! I always put my jars of marmalade in the freezer and take out a jar when needed, it works, you can’t leave this at room temperature whilst using it must be kept in the fridge where it will last a few weeks; of course it has no preservatives in like shop brought that is the reason to leave refrigerated. You probably wont win any prizes for this marmalade but it will be healthy and taste amazing. There is definitely something very satisfying about making one’s own…….Happy preserving!!


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  1. So enjoyed the slide show – longed for Spain again. Is this the Northern part of Spain. We have done some travelling in the South of Spain – loved the white villages…Thanks for sharing. Lorraine

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