A Tribute to The Reverend Christopher Hanson

A Tribute to Reverend Chris Hanson:

It was with much sadness that I recently heard of the death of Reverend Christopher Hanson.
A spark of life left when our lovely daughter moved out of the family home and in with her boyfriend. As a Christian mother I was praying for a man of God to be her husband, yes I was a bit disappointed.
 A few weeks later whilst visiting them I asked if I could watch TV, as I flicked on the remote onto the screen came the face of Billy Graham (famous evangelist) the first words we heard were Marriage…..and Billy was preaching about marriage and how young people today were not following Christ but choosing to live together in unholy bedlock!! Well there was a long pause as we all looked at each other.
A week later plans were being made for them to marry. The couple began to attend their local church were the vicar was the Reverend Chris Hanson. They soon formed a bond of fellowship as it transpired that Chris and his wife had a 17 year age gap between them as a married couple, the same age gap as our daughter and her future husband.

The wedding day was a day of great joy and celebration with the Reverend Chris Hanson taking the service; he gave a wonderful word to the couple indeed the whole congregation. Remembered to this very day, his passion for Jesus Christ was alive. He loved France and living there during the summer holidays, I think a lot of us could relate very well to that. He presented the couple with a bottle of French wine during the service.

Our daughter went on to be confirmed as a member of the Church of England.

Eight years later the Reverend Chris Hanson travelled down to the countryside to perform the christening ceremony for their first child, our Grandson. We held the service in a private chapel which was packed to capacity. Again Chris gave a powerful word; the call of Jesus Christ to follow him was at the heart of Chris’s message.

We had a wonderful barmy summer afternoon with home – cooked food and live entertainment. Chris enjoyed the afternoon with us all before returning to London.

It was with much sadness that we heard of his sudden death in September 2011.


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