September Spanish memories

Praise the Lord I had a wonderful four days in Spain with my dear sister, we talked and laughed and scoured the market for Spanish bargains (yes we found some….even ‘Blue Suede shoes’) It was a joy and a privilege to share with all the Revelation TV staff and volunteers in the dedication of the new Spanish studios. Howard Lesley Gordon Lorna and all the staff and volunteers worked so hard to make the day …….truly memorable. Peter Darg gave a wonderful tribute message, and Howard made us all laugh with his funny glasses!!! Need I say more!
 Revelation TV gathered together on Sunday morning for Church without walls, where we sang some lively songs (even some in Hebrew!!) and John Campbell gave a wonderful word from Leviticus 14, tying it all together finally from the new testament story of Jesus cleansing the leprous man instantly, John will definitely have to repeat that word on Bible study one day, it was extremely interesting:


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