Christmas 2011

I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas 2011 slideshow?  God says he know the plans he has for us!!!!!!!!!!!! Plans to proser and not to harm!!! You may be saying now ‘Oh yes Angie but what about all the suffering in he world what about all the pain!!
Well that’s what God said too: ‘He sent his son into the world’ And what happened? Well …..Jesus Christ lived a good life. When he was 30 he went out and healed the sick : delivered people from opression: set the captives free!! YOU MAY BE SAYING, ‘THAT’S HISTORY’
WHAT DID PEOPLE EVENTUALLY DO TO HIM? Well they did not release him when condemmened to death, no, instead they shouted crucify him!!!!!!!!!! Jesus Christ knows what it is like to be condemened, hated and killed, even though he did no one any harm, healing those who were sick and delivering all from demonic opression: Result…….Crucifixation!!!! Think about this in 2012……Jesus Christ said anybody who wants to follow him must take up his cross!!!! Will you do that? It may mean denying yourself of some pleasure. It may mean being thankful in distressing circumstances!! Forgiving those who persecute you!! Or just forgiving those who are just plain nasty and filled with hatred!!Loving them with God’s love, praying for them!!!
2012…………….Jesus said : Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who ill treat you. Luke:6- 28 Do you love enough to to that ………..this is my cry for 2012….Will you ‘Take up your cross and follow Christ!!


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