I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you:

Recipes / Cakes

Why I began making cakes:

It all started on a whim, I decided to attend sugar craft classes at our local school: I will never forget that first evening, most of the ladies seemed to be there for the sole purpose of making their daughters weddings cakes, thank-goodness I was only doing it for FUN! (or so I thought) God had a plan and he hadn’t let me in on the secret yet: That was God’s grace working …in my life: The wonderful and amazing thing about my walk with the Lord has been his patience and tender loving care, knowing my tendency to become fearful and anxious; God never lets me know what he is doing until it is just too late to turn back!! If I had heard God’s voice saying I want you to make your daughter’s wedding cake I would undoubtedly have said an undisputed NO NO NO I can’t do that: I went on to enjoy cake making: I brought all the necessary equipment: I made my daughter’s wedding cake:


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