I-Pod Speaks:

I became a Christian in 1985 and it was during the 1990’s that I started to buy Ladies Christian Magazine called ‘Womanalive’

In one issue I read a story about Elizabeth Brazell, she had heard an audible voice of God calling her into Christian ministry. I prayed a silent prayer at the time an inner desire really; I wished I could meet her. Well I did, and within a week, wow an answer to prayer or what!! That meeting was to play a major role in the direction my life went from that time on.

I agree 100% with everything Janet wrote in her letter: I too have been so blessed the right article at the right time, I too read every single word, and yes I am soon going on an advertised holiday very soon.

I am actually on a Christian – House sitters holiday as I write this letter, and yes you featured CHS in an article quite recently.

When we walk our animals I always listen to my I-pod and it’s amazing how God uses that to speak to me. I have 100’s and 100’s of songs downloaded but only two ladies Aglow conferences. The number of times a small piece of a conference has come on followed by very appropriate music.

Today I set out on our usual walk, on came the first song, well actually an extract from a conference, I quote:

“Trust and obey, or rust and decay” followed by plenty of beautiful songs about love and trust”

Angie Clifford


One response to “I-Pod Speaks:

  1. Angie – thank you for sharing!! Good quote – so true!! Your testimony is inspiring! You are most certainly a busy young woman! Is the magazine WomanAlive still being printed? Who/what is ladies Aglow? Do they still have conferences? Where is the holiday info available? Have seen you on Revelation TV! You are Gr8!! May God bless and protect you as you serve Him.

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