Kinloch Lodge Isle-of-Skye:

Had a lovely drive to Kinloch Lodge as it is at the south end of the island about 45 minutes drive away. I used to watch Clair Macdonald doing her cookery programme from Isle of Skye years ago and always thought it to be very romantic, never ever thinking that one day I would go to Skye and actually visit her estate and have lunch. Well that’s what we have done and it was definitely worth the wait. The Lodge on the edge of Loch? And the views beautiful, inspiring, what a place for a country estate, ahh I’m sure there are many similar places on this beautiful island. The staff and whole ambience of the place was good. We had a lovely lunch starting with canapés in the drawing-room and a glass of champagne, we began with a chef special (like an amuse bouche a free taster) a foamy light soup of Stilton with a slice of walnut bread, then starter of scallops, followed by Haddock, then a lemony tart with figs. We withdrew to one of the bars with fabulous views of the loch and had coffee and lovely homemade fudge. I brought two of claries’ books which she very kindly signed for me, and we had a bit of a chat. Drove home happy  after  glass of  champagne lovely.


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