The Three Chimneys

10th April 2012:
Arrived at the three chimneys, Isle of Skye and I have to say it is in a lovely setting with fine views across Dunvegan Loch. The atmosphere of the place was intimate; the tiny crofter’s cottage had been transformed into a cosy restaurant. There were lit candles on the walls and the traditional fireplace was now filled with whiskey and candles. We had three courses which began with, a bree (like a crustation soup with herbs) we also had a terrine of smoked salmon with horseradish beetroot a poached quail egg and French toast which was a sliver no bigger than a teaspoon handle and as thin as a fairy wing, translucent. We followed this with poached fish and venison. We had a glass of rose sparkling champagne and sparkling water; this was followed with, marmalade sponge and drambuie custard, and a lovely chocolate tart with fruit covered in white chocolate, followed by coffee and pettie fours in a beautiful engraved gold box. The toilets were amazing, actually stunning, and very modern. Brought Shirley Spears book; Shirley is one of the founder owners and in the beginning the main ‘Chef’. The book is an absolute joy and a definite must buy, it is a collection of stories beautifully told which traces the owner’s lives to this present day. There are also amazing photos of Skye delightfully arranged in a very modern style which immediately captures the reader’s attention; Photos of Shirley’s dishes followed by well written easy to follow recipes.. The restaurant is run nowadays by mike smith. Mike took part in the Great British Menu in 2010; a BBC cookery competition programme which I have faithfully followed from its very beginnings; after our delightful lunch we drove on to Glendale and then to Neich  Point, which are both local beauty points, the scenery was stunning. Finally Home to the manse and the dogs and the TV, actually a new series of the Great British Menu has just started this week. Have to say God is good, we feel so blessed and privileged.


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