More memories from Skye:

14th April 2010:
 Today lovely walk followed by a visit to Carbost and the Talisker whiskey distillery, it was a very pleasant tour, enjoyed it immensely and brought a small selection box for tasting when Nadine and Alain visit us in May (French friends Alain loves whiskey) Toured the rest of the area, which again is very nice. In the evening went to the old school restaurant in Dunvegan; but have to confess first, I had crisps and special brew an hour before going. For a starter we had langoustine’s and smoked salmon, main pheasant mash veg ‘jus’ finish a lemon cheesecake. Unfortunately the lemon tart had too much cream ( I have a delicate stomach) for me, however I ate it and followed it up with a Gaelic coffee except this one had about 2 inches of thick cream on top, I’ve never had one like it, unfortunately it was all too creamy, result I was extremely ill for the rest of the night and next day felt fragile!!!!!!!!! Will I never learn, please pray that I will become more disciplined in my latter years!! Otherwise I fear they will be short! God’s grace is amazing, constantly overlooking our sins and weaknesses, however I know that he disciplines all those that he loves, forgive me Lord, and help me to be an over comer.


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