Spain 2012:

Spain 2012:
I read my horoscope religiously every day, its guidance kept me focussed. One day 27 years ago I had a Damascus road experience!…….. I changed books.
Now every day I read a different popular daily guide. It was 9th January 2012 and my daily reading began ‘Pack up your house and go to a country I will show you’, Genesis 12: 1 Wow! interesting, my husband WAS due to retire in the July, but we definitely were not planning on leaving the country.
That same day I had a meeting with my ‘boss’ at work, her first words to me were, “ We will be re-locating to Spain” Wow that was all I needed to know, We were going.
 Another interesting fact came to mind; I had a ten day holiday already booked in Spain for may 22nd and further more it was only a fifteen minute drive from the new re-located office; I never imagined when I made those holiday plans that they would turn into a house hunting holiday, Wow….life in the fast lane is good!!! Plans were obviously in motion for my move to Spain (un-known to me at the time)
Another wonderful and amazing co-incidence, I actually found our new home in Spain on our 42nd Wedding anniversary; later that evening I was in the ‘Cheers Bar’ reading my emails, I opened a Jackie Lawson Anniversary Card from my husband, suddenly loud and clear the wedding march began, everybody stood up and cheered, how appropriate!!
We (my longsuffering husband) and I boarded a ferry @ Portsmouth on 29th July to start our new adventure!!
I have been a Christian for 27 years; before our departure I was musing on that fact when I discovered the number 27 was an important number in the Bible: It was the day Noah and his family came out of the Ark to begin a ‘new start in life’ How very fitting!! You can read that for yourselves in the Bible …..And actually it is the very first book, you can find that story in: Genesis: 8
So here we are, and very much looking forward to a wonderful new adventure. We took some lovely sunset photos on the crossing.
I am a now a semi retired caterer (I may help out with parties if my arm is vigorously twisted!!) I will be enjoying a lot of Spanish sunshine whilst writing recipes for my memoirs


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