The Rainbow Genesis 9: 16 17

The rainbow reminds God of His everlasting covenant. But a covenant is twofold – it is given and received. There is not one creature that needs to die outside of God’s Covenant. It is the same as we read in the NT – God does not want ANYONE to perish.

Yes destruction will come to the earth but who will be destroyed? Those who have rejected God’s Covenant – only when sin and rebellion is too great will God bring His judgement. In the meantime the rainbow means that Jesus died for everyone – not one person needs to be destroyed in His judgement and God has opened the door to everyone to be saved.

That to me is something worth remembering!

I have re-located to Spain for 1 year, the first week in our new house (on a golf course) one morning the greens were being watered, huge jets of water were  literally cascading in giant arcs across the greens: ‘Suddenly’ one  whole arc of water turned into a massive rainbow…..I thank God for his covenant with me, his signs always remind me of his presence and tender loving care for me…a sinful  person saved  by grace.
 Rainbows have kept on appearing in our new Spanish house the latest only a few days ago which I simply could not resist snapping with my camera!! John 3: 16 ‘ God loved the world so much that he gave his son that who ever believed in him should not perish but have eternal life.’


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