Fire on the Costa del Sol:
Living in the south of England out of control fires are something we have had no experience of (floods maybe!!) but not fire.
That all changed on Thursday 30th August when we left our Spanish home to visit friends for a family BBQ.
As we stopped for petrol in the distance we could see smoke and flames rising high in the sky, those flames looked perilously near our new Spanish home. We decided to drive back and check; however as we came near to our’ Avienda’ we could see the fire was not actually coming from our property but was indeed visible from beyond our local mountain ranges.
We decided to drive on to our destination; we did not need to rush home to retrieve our passports and laptops. From the balcony of our friend’s home we watched as the fire seemingly raged out of control getting larger and nearer on the horizon; ash began to fall from the skies blown by the wind onto our terrace, maybe we ‘should’ have returned for our passports!! Wow!! Hindsight is a wonderful opportunity to say…..’We should have’!!
Finally we left our friends for home, but alas all roads to our frontline home on the golf course had been closed by the local police, nobody was allowed onto the mountain roads.; reluctantly we returned to spend the night in the safety of our friend’s house. Many other people were not as fortunate as us, having to spend the night in their cars, while others sought refuge as the local football stadium was opened for those who had been stranded after an evening out or evacuated from danger zones.
Next day, we returned home (the fire had not come near our golf course residence) and thankfully all seemed in order. We spent the remainder of the day watching fascinated as planes and helicopters collected water from the sea and golf course lakes to control the fire from the air.
Finally the fire-fighters brought the blaze under control, however the damage caused by such a huge fire will continue to be assessed for some time to come, many people lost their homes and possessions, wildlife and domestic animals perished and huge areas of natural beauty were destroyed. There was 1 fatality.
Churches and relief organisations sprung into immediate action; help was at hand in the midst of destruction and devastating, heartbreaking loss.


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