Christmas 2012: Sisters and Parents Old Thorns Carvery

mum 2012 ambulance

Mum won £600 pounds on the football pools last week so she wanted to have a family get together with my two sisters.
Mum lives two streets away from our house in UK so I usually see her every week. My youngest sister phones her once a week (duty done) and my other sister writes an occasional letter (she has a phone phobia!)
Mum does her exercises every morning and these also include facial exercises, to keep the skin looking young (she’s 85) Mum then makes her own muesli.
Mum was diagnosed as being slightly diabetic a few years ago so consequently these days she is very careful re: her diet!! Wish I had the same discipline!!
Mum is fanatical about ‘Crystal Palace’ she has been a football supporter since 1940, nothing is more important to her and I mean ‘NOTHING’
The last couple of years dad has not been able to drive the 100 miles to take mum to Selhurst Park home of the ‘Eagles’. Mum and Dad sold their home in Croydon to live nearer to me (their eldest daughter) thus to be able to join in more family events and celebrations such as the Sunday lunch carvery Mum is lonely these days but does not want to join any local groups. Dad smokes a lot, (he’s 84 and must have the constitution of an ox!!)
Now back to the family lunch, we had just finished our main courses and were tucking into swirly ice-cream and flakes when mum suddenly left to go outside, no body took any notice however a few miniutes later mum was on the floor fighting for breath. An Ambulance was summoned. My brother in law did a Stirling job of speaking words of encouragement as mum lapsed in and out of consciousious, we were all sure it was a stroke or a heart attack.
Now 4 years ago our cat died, is this relevant I hear you asking? read on!! I was so upset for three weeks I cried; So one day in desperation I knelt by my bed and prayed ( why am I so sad it is after all only a cat!!, and I don’t even like animals) suddenly I heard that still small voice that I knew so well; say…..It will be your father next.
Well now you’re shocked!! I’m sure. However I quickly stopped crying, and we soon had another cat. I never forgot that inner voice though, I know that it was God’s way of pre warning me, and I’m glad.

Now mum was on the floor having lost control of all bodily functions and contorting as if in the last stages of dying. I suddenly started to pray, GOD mum can’t die its dad first, and I began shouting at mum breathe breathe stay with us. Suddenly she seemed to come back to us, by the time the ambulance turned up she seemed to be ok. Credit to all the emergency service, they did a variety of tests on mum and declared her ‘OK’. After all the trauma mum returned home to their flat. (sadly not Croydon)
As we left the building a song was playing the last words I heard were, ‘God is your father’
And so to conclude this year of 2012: God is our father, in heaven, Hallowed be his name, may his kingdom come, may his will be done on earth as it is in heaven, may he continue to give us our daily bread, may he continue to forgive our sins, yes our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us, may he lead us NOT into temptation, but: DELIVER US FROM EVIL, for the kingdom belongs to God, forever and ever: Amen!!
A New Year Prayer:
Dear God, don’t make my life too easy, give me challenges and the grace to persevere in the difficult parts.
Let me be funny! Kind! Generous! Help me to consider others better than myself, and to serve my family friends and acquaintances with grace and humour.
Help me to change the world on your behalf!!


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