Chicken Soup:

“LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear.”
(Psalm 10:17, NKJV)

E-books, fantastic!! Not only can you have a multitude of books in one small device you can also, ‘try before you buy, and that’s how I came to discover the ‘Chicken Soup’ series.
A few months ago I had downloaded a sample, ‘inspirational writing’ by Linda C Apple. I half read the sample, but then I got busy with other projects and forgot all about it; Linda mentioned first being published in the ‘ Chicken Soup series’ I filed that information in my memory, I had never heard of the chicken soup series, or read any of their books.
Now if you are not an E-Reader you won’t know that the last book you read will always appear at the top of your reading pane and so on with previous reads, they all appear in order.
Hubby and I had just spent a fabulous weekend with friends in Granada, (I had taken the E-Reader) but had not even looked at it (fabulous hospitality and company)
So it was that I rummaged around in my red holdall on our return journey looking for some light reading distraction. At the top of the reading pane was Linda C Apple’s inspirational writing. I felt a ripple of emotion, flash through my body, was it excitement, or surprise I’m not sure, but what I do know is that I read that sample months ago!! Why was it here on the top of my reading list? Now for somebody who writes about ‘co-incidences’ this was definitely one, or maybe a ‘God-incidence’ I started to read with added enthusiasm.
I very quickly finished the sample and (wonder of wonders) brought the whole book curtsey of 3G, something I know absolutely nothing about except that it allowed me to buy a book whilst travelling at 70 MPH along a motorway, PS: hubby was in the driving seat.
Before we reached our destination I had read the whole book, I was inspired. Once home I went straight into my office and wrote an article for a magazine that I regularly contributed to, I was pleased with what I wrote, I had indeed been inspired.
The next day was one of my normal working days for a local charity; I arrived in their office rested and ready to ‘Work’…….
It was sometime during that day that I needed to look through their bookshelf for a particular book, imagine my surprise and ‘excitement’ at finding not the book I thought I was looking for but…..can you guess, yes a brand new shiny copy of a book called Chicken Soup.
I write about co-incidences / God-incidences all the time so as you can imagine my incidence antennae were on red alert. A few days ago I had only the vaguest knowledge of Chicken Soup books now I had read all about them and actually found one of their books, that I hadn’t known I needed. I soon checked out their website, (praise God for the sheer wonders of technology) Knowledge is literally at our fingertips. I maybe submitting some stories……in the very near future.
For everyone reading this be encouraged, do you have an inspiring story to share, go to



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