A Christmas Blessing


   A Blessed Christmas to all my Family and Friends ……keep on scrolling for Christmas story………..
   May 2014 Be your best year Yet, remember with God all things are possible!………….Keep scrolling for a short Christmas story.

            A Christmas Blessing from Angie:

 The room was suddenly filled with a thousand rainbows as light flooded in. This unusual phenomena occurred in 2008.

I was in a deep meditation and literally re living that astonishing scene whilst scrimmaging around recently in our attic for the Christmas decorations and the annual ritual that is ‘Christmas’.

It all began at the Bordon Recycling Centre, a most unlikely place for a miracle. Amongst the second hand tables books pictures and general bric a brac stood a large wire silver box studded with diamonds. I say diamonds loosely, in reality large cut glass stones, inside; the box was filled with huge diamond studded stars.  I was ecstatic they were beautiful and perfect for our Christmas tree.

The tree looked amazing adorned as it was in silver and diamonds, when a friend popped in for a cuppa! Wow was his comment; he then went on to say, “If the light catches those diamonds there will be rainbows.”

It was the week after Christmas, I was alone at home and snuggled up watching a documentary called ‘God is Light.’ It was a fascinating programme presented by John Osteen, giving insights into the supernatural. John ended by saying God is light, suddenly a shaft a light hit one of my diamond Christmas tree decorations and my lounge disappeared in a swirling surge of rainbows. It was definitely a ‘God incident.’

One year later, post Christmas I had taken down our tree and packed decorations and all the glittery frippery away in boxes. Outside the weather was dark, gloomy, and depressing. I slumped down on the sofa thinking to myself; Ah ha there will be no miracles this year lord, there can be no more rainbows as I’ve taken down the crystal decorations. No sooner had the thoughts drifted through my mind when I looked up and yes there before my eyes appeared a small perfect rainbow. Instantly another thought came this time; Angie, remember nothing is impossible with God. SCRIPTURE

So back to the here and now, today December 19th I was thinking over all those stories as I struggled down the stairs with huge boxes, rainbows were on my mind. After an epic couple of hours creating yet another Christmas extravaganza of trees lights and baubles, I picked up a bag of rubbish and stepped outside. I could not believe my eyes, spread right across the sky over our house was a huge bright rainbow. Co-incidence!! I think not.

Be encouraged, whatever is happening in your life this Christmas remember, ‘”With God nothing is impossible”

May God richly bless you this Christmas.



One response to “A Christmas Blessing

  1. Thank you for your words of inspiration as I am laid up in bed with shingles

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