Healing Powers.

Made me cry.

Belle & Lamb

There are times when I feel really overwhelmed with the world;  for example, when the problems seem too big to tackle (where do you start?), and when the atrocities seem to be occurring thick and fast (another suspected terrorist attack, the devastation caused by the hurricanes overseas). Sometimes I want to press pause, to bury my head and avoid it, because after all, living in your own bubble is much more preferable than facing the heart-breaking reality of life. The self-preservation urge is strong and I think this is quite a typical human reaction in times of chaos / madness / disruption.

However, I’ve realised that if I do avoid this harsh reality and/or detach myself emotionally, I will surely only exacerbate the issue. This world needs more people that care, more people not afraid to show love to others, more people willing to not only accept, but embrace the inevitable…

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