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The end of an era

The Wendy House

Last week was amazing. Historic; the end of an era; inspirational; exciting; moving!

It was the last of the conferences that Newfrontiers as we know it will hold in Brighton. Newfrontiers seems to proceed though the decades with fresh developments. The first decade of our existence was the “Downs” era. This was when the churches we worked with at the time camped together at Plumpton racecourse at the foot of the Sussex Downs. At the beginning, there were about 2,000 of us, and we thought it was huge! But one year, I remember walking on the hills with my son Joel who was 9 years old at the time, and feeling a bit deflated as we peered down the slopes trying to locate the camp. When we did at last identify it, it seemed disappointingly small!

I think 1988 was the last Downs Bible week as we called it and…

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Healing Powers.

Made me cry.

Belle & Lamb

There are times when I feel really overwhelmed with the world;  for example, when the problems seem too big to tackle (where do you start?), and when the atrocities seem to be occurring thick and fast (another suspected terrorist attack, the devastation caused by the hurricanes overseas). Sometimes I want to press pause, to bury my head and avoid it, because after all, living in your own bubble is much more preferable than facing the heart-breaking reality of life. The self-preservation urge is strong and I think this is quite a typical human reaction in times of chaos / madness / disruption.

However, I’ve realised that if I do avoid this harsh reality and/or detach myself emotionally, I will surely only exacerbate the issue. This world needs more people that care, more people not afraid to show love to others, more people willing to not only accept, but embrace the inevitable…

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InHisGrip Talks about Not Shutting Down Emotionally

ADMIN NOTE: I am going to be working quite a few extra days in the pharmacy this week. I will try to get to comments as I am able to – but I so appreciate those who are a bit farther along on…

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“The Worst Year of My Life. But Then… God!” – Quinn’s Story

From a dear sister in Christ, Quinn (not her real name), with her permission in response to a comment on Encouragement for Those Who Are in the Trenches. This is a long post – b…

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A Big Lightbulb Moment about True Contentment

From WorthyofLove who shared about her husband’s old text messages a few weeks ago… April, Wow! I just had serious lightbulb…..and your name kept popping in my head so I just know I nee…

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A Wife Begs God to Help Her Tame Her Tongue

From a sister in Christ: I am a young wife. Only just turned 29. Its been 4 years since I became born again. I am still learning this. Yes, I have dug through the Bible front to back already and am…

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When “Submit” Feels Like a Dirty Word – by Shannon Popkin

Bio Shannon Popkin is a speaker and writer from Grand Rapids, MI. Shannon enjoys blending her love for humor and storytelling with her passion for God’s Word. Shannon’s first book, Cont…

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The Treasures of God in the Midst of a Great Storm

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“I Need to Change! I Can’t Go on Like This!”

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