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Revelation TV:

I became a born again Christian in 1985 for the next ten years I regularly put £1 in the offering when it was passed around the congregation at my local Church: money was still an Idol in my life at that time although and thankfully I was blissfully unaware of that: I reasoned that my husband was not a christian and did not go to Church therefore I justified myself , and besides money was very tight with a growing family to support: The turning point came when I left Church to go with my husband to support our young son playing Sunday morning football for our local community: God promises in his word to cause everything to work together for good in our lives if we love him and that is exactly what happened to me: I discovered God was on television!! 24/7 ………………TV became my Church without walls: One day whilst watching a programme I felt the Holy Spirit  clearly say ………..start giving  money. The very next day through the snail mail post I received my monthly pay/check (At that time I worked for a local Christian Charity) I heard the Holy Spirit whisper in my heart give the whole amount to a certain TV ministry. For three long days I procrastinated …..could I trust God to provide for me? Finally I donated that money:   Life would never be the same again:  A few weeks later unexpectedly I received a large cheque which in turn enabled me to start my own catering business from home:  You can read about my 25 years of spiritual experiences through my walk with the Lord on  my spiritual diaries page: My prayer is to inspire and encourage others to turn to Jesus christ and trust in God: Pictured above is the christmas cake I made for Revelation’s Christmas party: Please follow the link to Revelation TV website: 

Elena and Obed Brefo have worked for Revelation TV  from the very  beginning in a tiny studio which used to be known affectionally as the sweat box!: Over the last couple of years they have felt strongly that God was calling them into a deeper commitment and  a new sphere of ministry: Obed and Elena will sadly be leaving Revelation TV in July 2010: It’s going to be a whole new walk of faith for them as they travel to Los Angeles where Obed will begin his training for full-time ministry: You can follow their progress on their blog:  THE BREFO’S//OUR BLOG  

This is a wonderful website which allows Christians to have holidays all over the world, the only expense is personal travel. Please do take a look.

Christine Smith is the author of two lovely books:

Christine is passionate about  helping  women to have victory in their lives and overcome all the ‘works of satan’: visit   her website and blogs for help, inspiration,  and encouragement:


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  1. Dear Angie, I would like to share this web-site with my christian friends, as I do this quite a lot with other posts and think it helps them, this is fabulous fellowship for people who are house bound, bless you

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