Bread and Dripping

Bread and Dripping: Interwar Years

About this recipe:

Difficulty: not rated Preparation Time: 2 minutes Cooking Time: None Number of servings: 1 slice per person Bread and dripping was popular in the interwar years, especially among poor families hit by unemployment. Such families could not afford to waste any food, including the by products of any meat they were lucky enough to be able to buy. Dripping could also be bought at the butchers. Old-fashioned chip shops used to fry their chips in beef dripping. Today it has fallen out of favour as it is considered very unhealthy.


  • bread
  • left  over fats after cooking a joint of beef or pork

Making and cooking it

Dripping is the liquid that is left in the pan when you cook beef or pork.

  1. Roast the beef or pork
  2. Lift the beef or pork from the tray
  3. Let the juices in the tray cool and solidify. You will have a jelly like meat substance at the bottom and the soft fat at the top
  4. Remove the soft fat, which is the dripping
  5. Place in a fridge until it is needed

On Cold Bread:

  1. Spread the dripping on the bread
  2. Add a little salt and pepper

On Toast:

  1. Spread on toast, sprinkle with a little salt

Womanalive Bread


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