Marmalade for the New Year:

Angie’s Marmalade Recipe:

150g fine brown breadcrumbs

120g soft brown sugar25g self raising flour

120g butter

8 tbsp marmalade (homemade is best)

3 large eggs

1 rounded tsp bicarbonate soda + 1 tbsp water to mix


Butter a three pint pudding dish; place the breadcrumbs, flour, and sugar in a mixing bowl. Melt the butter together with the marmalade in a saucepan over a gentle heat. Pour the melted ingredients into the dry and mix together. Whisk eggs until frothy and beat gently into the mixture. Last blend the bicarbonate of soda with the water and add to mix. Pour mixture into basin and Cover with grease proof paper and tin foil, or whatever method you use to steam a pudding. Place the pudding into a saucepan of boiling water and place a lid on, steam for two hours.

Take two red grapefruit and with a serated knife remove skin. Now segment the grapefruit into a bowl. You now have a lovely breakfast. Place everything else into a large saucepan. Take two lemons, halve and squeeze juice, put all in with the red grapefruits and cover with cold water to ¾ inches above fruit. Now simmer for an hour until soft. Let the mixture cool, then blend with a hand blender until smooth. Now add 8 tbsp of brandy whiskey or any alcophol you like, stir well, pour mixture into an old ice cream tub or similar and leave in fridge for 1 week.

After a week add 1 pound of sugar to every pint of liquid, place in a very large saucepan and boil until setting point is reached, you can use a thermometer or just check as you would when making jam. Bottle and store in fridge, or if you have a lot you can freeze in small plastic pots, use this to make your marmalade pudding ORANGE BRANCH 2013……enjoy


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