Everything French: God has plans for our lives

Everything French
In 1985 God finally got my attention , I became a Christian; life would never be the same! The Holy Spirit began to transform me . At school I had been a rebel! Result failed ‘O’ level English, this had been my best subject and as teachers favourite I had disappointed her faith in me. That was the first issue God addressed, I   began evening classes at our local  comprehensive school and re-took my English ‘O’ level; unknown to me that was the very last year for ‘O’ levels, GCSE replaced them the following year, isn’t God’s timing perfect!, also our teacher was a born again Christian certainly God had gone before me!! After gaining my ‘O’ level I began to wonder what I should study next; a short time later during the course of one day three completely different people independently said “why don’t you study French” after the third person said this I realized this must be a word from God for me. A friend at Church actually taught a French class so I quickly enrolled on her course. Unfortunately after two weeks I decided it was not for me and gave up. About four years later we became involved with a group that exchanged holidays with French families. On our first visit we were excited to be staying with a lovely family in a beautiful typical French farmhouse and praise the Lord there was even a French Bible next to our bed! Immediately I was convicted of my sin in giving up so easily my French lessons, if I had been obedient to Gods leading I would by that time have been reasonably fluent, what a hard lesson. On our return home Gerry and I enrolled on a two-year French course at our local evening school. That was the start of 20 wonderful years of French holidays and exchanges, we have visited every department in that wonderful country, France feels like our second home. On one memorable visit we were enthralled to be taken up in a light aircraft we flew over Mont-Saint-Michel in our own private plane. In 2009 on our visit to France we re- visited Mont-Saint Michel this time in a coach; as we approached that inspiring spectacle the I -pod I was listening to on a random shuffle chose a spoken Scripture; A very unlikely choice as my I- pod is 99% music. It was about an Angel going before us to oppose those that oppose us. We duly climbed to the Basilica at the top where we took a guided tour. The first statue we were shown was of the Archangel Michael and informed how he was there to go before us to fight evil on our behalf. Thank-you Lord we are precious in your sight you send your Angel ahead. You will do the same for all who obey and fear the Lord.


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