Ramster Gardens and Tea rooms

In March this year I made the decision to retire from my catering business to concentrate more on my writing projects; Me-Thinks God had other plans? Quite by chance I stumbled upon an advert to help in a teashop. Well,I decided 12 weeks would not make a tremendous difference in the grand scheme of events, writing could surely wait that long; and besides my husband wanted me to work until June when our youngest son would finish university….for good!!
 I can’t forget the day I walked into Ramster’s tea rooms, I heard the radio playing a song….”I beleive in Miracles”  wow God is in this place.
 I have met some lovely people and had the privilege of enjoying the beautiful gardens. I hope you enjoy the photos….I will very soon be writing the recipes for Lemon Drizzle, Cheese scones and handmade meringues.


One response to “Ramster Gardens and Tea rooms

  1. Loved the pictures ….Loved the music……..Loved the captions

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