Spain 2012:

Spain May 2012:
 Brrr it was January and I was leafing through my Womanalive magazine, possible holiday destination villas with sparkling pools met my eyes, it suddenly seemed like a good idea to arrange a spring holiday.
 A few emails later and I had secured a ten-day holiday in Spain for May 21st. It was Thursday January 12th my UCB reading for that day was from Gen 1: v 15 ‘Pack up your house and go to a country I will show you;’ later that day I received the news that my company were re-locating to Spain, the New Malden studio’s were going to be demolished in the summer, the Spanish studio would be 20 minutes from my spring holiday villa and that week would be the end of my work in London, a bizarre co incidence or the guiding hand of the Lord….I will let you decide!
So my holiday in Spain turned into a hunt for a new home, amazingly my husband was retiring this very summer, we would be going on an adventure together. May 23rd my sister and I found a lovely three bedroom townhouse for rent on a beautiful golf course, we agreed to take it that same day; it was later that I remembered it was our 42nd wedding anniversary, Wow co incidence or God incidence!! I will let you decide.
 Below a slide show of some of my time in Spain, click on the white arrow, enjoy.


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