June 23rd 2012: The Wedding Day

Adam and Jennie have finally ‘tied the knot’ after 8 years and it is a well-known fact that the number 8 symbolises a new start!!
Adam’s mum, Joan, has been an active member of St Matthews Church Blackmoor for so many years I have lost count; she has cooked and  served for the Acorn christian foundation for many years, also the famous Gilbert White museum and teahouse in Selborne.
The beautiful wild flower arrangements were created by Helen, a member of St Matthews Church Blackmore, The St Matthews Church choir led the singing and worship, and the preaching was shared between Reverend Will Hughes and the Vicar of Selborne. Quite recently Jennie mentioned the fact that Joan is an avid viewer of the popular TV series ‘Midsummer Murders’ Now I am sure that Rev Will knew nothing about that when during his address to the congregation he recounted a story from the series!! Here  we have a successful country detective inspector just on the brink of solving a particularly difficult murder mystery, excitedly he trys to tell his wife of his ‘great achievement’ when she shoves a black bin liner before him with the request to ….take out the rubbish! The Bible tells us that Jesus did his first miracle at a wedding, can you imagine turning water into wine? Hey that must have felt good!!! later on however we see Jesus washing the feet of his disciples; Jesus said, anyone who wants to be great must be the servant of all. So it is with marriage, if anyone wants a good marriage he / she must put the needs of her spouse and family first.
Well maybe that is enough preaching!! The wedding party all enjoyed a lovely summer feast in the beautiful historic village of Chawton ( home of the renown Jane Austin) at the charming venue, Chawton House itself. The day felt like we had stepped back in time, charming and romantic.The beautiful wedding and bridesmaids dresses were handmade by Jennie’s mum, Sylvia Boddington (cookery teacher and entrepeneur) made the gorgeous chocolate cake, which was covered with rose and cornflower petals:
May God richly bless the happy couple:


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