The Byblos Hotel:

The Circle Maker:
Received this book just at the right time! Fifteen months ago I was on holiday in Spain reading the English newspapers one day I read how ‘Lord Alan Sugar’ had purchased the Iconic Byblos Hotel, and had great plans to transform it to its former glory and beyond. Spanish people would have their jobs back! I had no idea where the Byblos hotel was so promptly forgot all about it. I had no idea that precisely one year later I would be living in Spain and NOT just in Spain BUT opposite…….’The Byblos Hotel. Co-incidence /or God-incidence? So I felt prompted to Pray for Lord Alan Sugar and the Byblos.
Now Mark Batterson’s book ‘The Circle Maker’ arrived just as I had decided to make this epic prayer quest!! Mark prays for big things! And he gets them. His perseverance is staggering, inspirational, I’m not sure, can I really pray for ‘Lord Alan Sugar’ and see the Byblos restored and Spanish people receive their jobs back in a desperate time of recession……I like to think God is in this.
Marks book made me think ‘hard’ He listed some of his goals! At the end of a page were written half a dozen of them, I turned the page and gasped! There were 4 more whole pages, Mark is not a man who sits around waiting for things to happen, he knows what he wants and he makes them happen!!
Is this what God wants his people to do? Does he want us to pray ‘big ‘think big’ take authority over the powers of darkness, step on snakes and scorpions; In other words be of some use to God in this world. Jesus Christ does not want winger’s moaners and complainers He wants to make disciples, people who will step out in faith and make a difference in our world today. Jesus Christ did great things for the Kingdom, but he says we will do even greater things!
Please take a moment to pray for ‘Lord Alan Sugar’ and the Byblos Hotel in Spain, I am claiming the Byblos for the ‘KINGDOM’ will you join me? Will you pray a bold prayer of FAITH! With God nothing is impossible…..let’s pray with all our heart and soul, like Mark Batterson……..inspired by the book.


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